Ford has a new GT street car and racing car, both of which are going to be extremely rare forever, sadly. Why not take every chance you get at a close look at the beautiful details, like this one I’m now giving you right now?

EVO Magazine got to hang around after the closing hours of the Geneva Motor Show to get a special look at the crowns of the Ford stand: the new GT road car and GTLM Le Mans racecar. Thankfully they were kind enough to film and feature the intimate moment in the latest episode of evo UNWRAPPED.

What you’ll learn if you can’t watch it until later but have a second to read, and promise to come back:

If you didn’t already know...

  • The Ford GT looks arguably the best in white (I agree)
  • buttresses + rear wing = downforce
  • the GT’s aerodynamic bodywork x 1.5 on GTLM = more downforce
  • the centered hot air exits in the taillights
  • the road car features bespoke Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires with a nice dish on the wheels
  • the GTLM racecar has a giant roof intake
  • the GTLM gets sidepipes, which is amazing
  • the rear wing on the GTLM makes it look “even more naughty”

Check out the video below.

EVO couldn’t get into the engineering of the racecar for obvious secret reasons, but judging by the car’s performance so far maybe Ford hasn’t figured it all out quite yet.


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