Here's a First Look at the New C8 Corvette Convertible

All Images: Chevrolet

“We are just getting started with Corvette,” said GM President Mark Reuss at the 2020 Corvette’s reveal just before a video montage of apparently future Corvette variants began playing on the screen behind him. Among those variants was this: the Corvette Convertible.

At least, that’s what it appears to be based on the roof design, which shows two head fairings, likely there—in part—to provide rollover protection that would otherwise come from the standard car’s more complete roof structure. Also giving this car away as the convertible is a completely different trunk lid/engine cover.


Here’s the car that Chevy teased at the end of its presentation:

And here’s the standard hard-top Stingray that we’ve been ogling over for the last 24 hours:


Clearly, the rear lids are quite different, with the convertible model blocking the view of the 6.2-liter V8 motor, and also containing a visible gap back there, likely a separator between the trunk and the compartment into which the soft top likely folds.

The convertible also doesn’t seem to have the “hybrid rear spoiler” that the hard top has, though it does have a unique vent in the center of the rear engine cover, in all likelihood a cooling enabler taking the place of the air vents found on each side of the hard top’s rear window.


That’s about all we know about this convertible ’vette. Carscoops noticed it at the end of Chevy’s presentation, so, good on them.


Here are a couple more screengrabs:


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