There were nearly 500 electric carmakers in China when we last counted over the summer, and surely well over 500 by now. One of them is Xpeng, maker of this (somewhat convincing) Tesla Model X knockoff, called the G3. Here’s the first in-person video close-up I’ve seen of it.

The G3 has many similarities to the Model X, in addition to some galling differences.

The exterior details, for example. Here’s the rear of the G3:

And here’s the rear of the Model X.


More similar is the front and interior. Here’s the G3's interior:

And here’s the Model X’s:


Here’s the G3's front:

And here’s the Model X’s front:


One of the obvious giveaways on the G3, are the door handles. Look at this shit! Basically not so far away from what’s on my 2008 Honda Fit:

The video (quite optimistically) claims that the G3 will be a “Tesla killer,” but more likely it’ll just be another electric car, competing among the hundreds of other automakers in China with similar ambitions.