The Dino With a Ferrari F40 Engine Will Make Your Ears Extremely Happy

Photo: Kurt Bradley

Everyone mythologizes the sounds of vintage sports cars of the 1960s and back, that their engines had some ineffable qualities that modern ones can’t match. But this guy stuffed a modernized Ferrari engine into his Dino and it sounds incredible.

The engine in question is slightly strange: Ferrari supercollector (who once got shunned by the factory for being Too Online) David Lee got a Ferrari F40 block, dropped the turbos and ran it naturally-aspirated through eight lovely velocity stacks.


Velocity stacks. That’s what you want.

The engine is also bored out from 2.9 to 3.6 liters, though that’s not what I find interesting. It’s the noise. It’s quite good, as captured in this Petrolicious vid:

We drove this thing, actually, and can report that, yes, it’s as good as you’d hope.

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