We've seen the warp-speed evolution of technology that is Formula One before, but abstract sketches might be a little hard to grasp. They're not tangible, and they're not on a racetrack. So here's the same thing, except instead of hailing from the world of make-believe, it hails from the world of real-life.

The first cars here are from the 1948 British Grand Prix, the first in the modern era, and proceed from the 1950s, to the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, all the way up to last year's Red Bull RB9.

I'm having a hard time determining which era was the prettiest. Alright, so it's definitely not the Red Bull, but is it the elegant simplicity of the 1950s? The be-squashed and be-winged 1970s?

Or the turbo cars from the 1980s?