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Here You Go, This Is The Best Thing On The Internet

You’ve probably been wondering what it is. The Best Thing On The Internet. It’s a valid question. I’m delighted to let you know your quest is over, because here it is, the best thing on the internet. And, yes, it has a child driving the shit out of a Soviet minivan. And over other Soviet minivans.


This video seems to be an ad – a very long ad – for a bus known as the RAF-2203 Latvija, made from 1976-1997. The van used a the 2.4-liter engine from the GAZ-24, stuck between the front seats in a cabover configuration like an early Econoline or a Dodge A100.

They sort of remind me of a Vanagon’s Communist cousin, with longer overhangs.

The title of the video, at the very beginning, is a word I recognize – Soyuz – which means “union,” and is best known as the name of the famous spacecraft. I have no idea what the context is here.


What I do know is that there’s a little kid who somehow wills a toy RAF van into full-scale reality, then proceeds to go just batshit in it, driving like a very skilled loon, picking up what might be an expensive prostitute, driving on two wheels, turning a cop into a sort of mideval-looking clown, driving down stairs, doing wheelies, driving over other vans, you name it.

This is premium, uncut Soviet batshit, and I love it.


(Thanks, Michael Sliczniak!)

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I thought this was the best thing on the internet: