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All I want for Christmas is to go to the California Highway Patrol’s car handling camp. Who knew learning how not to drive would be so much fun? I mean, now that I think about it, we all should have figured.

This random CHP instructional video looks like the kind of corny reel a substitute teacher would put on to keep a class of second-graders quiet. Except instead of a rudimentary biology lesson we get to learn the difference between oversteer (driftooo!) and understeer (sad, sloppy sliding), what stability control really does and how ABS works. All illustrated with some cop cars completely off their leashes!


Actually, it’s a pretty informative clip. If any of you “car guys” out there can’t remember which is “understeer” and which is “oversteer” but are too ashamed to ask, this one’s for you.

The rest of us can just sit back and enjoy seeing demo drivers roast the tires off Crown Vics!

Officer Chris Harris is on duty for this one:


The Explorer, unfortunately, didn’t get to have nearly as much fun.


I was about to say “I should have been a cop,” but I think what I mean is “I should have been a stunt driver.”

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