5th Gear: VW Boss Tests Positive For Covid

Herbert Diess is in quarantine, per Bloomberg:

Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess tested positive for coronavirus late last week and is continuing to work in quarantine at his home.

“He has been available for all phone calls and meetings,” spokeswoman Nicole Mommsen said by phone. Diess has not experienced any symptoms “that might have prevented him from doing his job.”

Diess, 63, is vaccinated and has received a booster vaccination, which means he can leave quarantine after seven days if he tests negative. He did not have any major meetings planned in the next week.


Reverse: We Love You, Ranger 3

Shout out to Ranger 3, which decided it had better things to do than look at the Moon, and went on a vacation instead. From Wikipedia:

Ranger 3 was a space exploration mission conducted by NASA to study the Moon. The Ranger 3 robotic spacecraft was launched January 26, 1962 as part of the Ranger program. Due to a series of malfunctions, the spacecraft missed the Moon by 22,000 mi (35,000 km) and entered a heliocentric orbit.


Neutral: How Are You?

The last parts I need to get the old Litespeed up and running are coming this week, so that means it’l be time to sell off my wonderful old 1980s Fuji Sundance. I just have to un-seize this seatpost first. It is currently soaking in PB Blaster and I’m looking for someone I know who has a vise.