Here’s How A 20-Year-Old BMW M3 Does On Track Against A New Civic Type R

Screengrab via YouTube
Screengrab via YouTube

One is a modern Japanese front-wheel-drive hot hatch. The other is a German rear-wheel-drive sports car. Which does better, a new Euro-spec Honda Civic Type R or a 20-year-old E36 BMW M3?

We’ve covered Car Throttle Alex’s particular blue E36 before. He took it to a dyno, used it to explain how Americans got screwed when it came here, and tested its top speed. Now it faces maybe its biggest challenge yet against this new Civic Type R, which is one of the most track-capable hot hatches on the planet.

They have similar 0-60 times, horsepower and power to weight ratios. They are also using the same tires, Car Throttle tells us. In this video, the two get pitted against each other with three laps apiece in order to see which posted the best time. There’s a lot of yelling.


Which one did it faster? Gotta watch to find out.

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Regardless of which is faster (not watched film yet) I would still rather have an E36 M3 (especially the quite rare four door version) over the Type R any day.