Here Is What A Fully Restored BMW M1 Procar Looks Like (So Great)

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There were only 40 chassis produced for the BMW M1 Procar Championship racing series between 1979 and 1980, and you’re looking at No. 31. It was a backup race car that didn’t make it to the track, instead living its life as a road car. Now, it’s been restored to its Procar glory—while staying street legal.

Canepa, the seller, has all of the details about this particular Procar’s life on its listing. According to the listing, BMW turned the race car into a road car after it didn’t get to see the race track. The manufacturer sold it in Germany, where it went to its first owner in November of 1979.


The restored rear-wheel-drive car has a five-speed manual transmission and a black interior. Canepa’s listing said the goal in the car’s restoration was to put the Procar parts back into the car, which lost out when BMW made the car street legal before selling it in 1979. The restoration put as many of the parts back in the car as possible while keeping it street legal, “completing its destiny from 37 years earlier.”

From Canepa’s listing:

In order to assure its accuracy we went as far as to bring an original factory Procar racecar into the shop to be studied and photographed to make sure that no detail was overlooked.

The goal was to use as many original Procar parts as possible, and to that end 094 is now fitted with Procar suspension uprights, hubs, control arms, tie rods, axles, mirrors, and that amazing Procar body kit and rear wing. Original Procar center lock BBS wheels were sourced, the centers crack checked, and then rebuilt with new 17 inch rim halves. The front wheels are 10 inch wide running 265/40 ZR 17 Michelin Pilot Sports, the rear wheels are 12.5” wide running 335/35 ZR 17 Michelin Pilot Sports.

Not a bad destiny to honor. Here are more photos of the restored car, from Canepa:


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