Here Is The Stupid BMW M4 'Review' Video That Got A Valet Fired

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Can you ever really know what happens to your car after you hand over the keys to a valet? Maybe they'll park it carefully and go about the rest of their day; maybe they'll go hoon it into the ground. Or maybe they'll use it to make a bizarre, rambling YouTube "review" that ultimately costs them their job.


According to a thread that's been running over at BimmerPost over the past few days, that's exactly what happened with one white BMW M4 in Washington D.C. recently. A valet at a downtown condo complex took the keys to the M4, then drove it around the parking garage while shooting video for a "review" on the now-deleted ValetDrive YouTube channel.

The "review" consists of driving the M4 through the garage faster than they should have, scoping out its interior, poking around under the hood, revving its engine, and generally being completely clueless about how it actually works.

The dude's clearly an idiot. Here are some highlights:

You have carbon fiber all over the dashboard here, and a screen to tell you... things


Ooooh, things! I like things! I hear BMWs have lots of those.

The only thing I hate about the M4 is that it has paddles on the steering wheel, which means maybe sometimes I wanna upshift, and I should have downshifted, which would be a hindrance to my racing abilities


I'm gonna guess it's a V6 twin-turbo, that's just a guess though

A V6, huh? You're as bad as those confused people trying to unload a high-mileage E36 on Craigslist.

Whenever you wanna go fast in an M car, you hit the M1 button right here... and oh shit, there's also an M2 button. What does this do? I don't fucking know what this does.


How mysterious!

It's not clear how long ValetDrive has been around, or how many cars they had reviewed. They had a Twitter as well, but that's gone too. Did these guys not think they'd get caught and fired eventually?


Evidently they messed with the wrong group of owners, because the folks at Bimmerpost tracked them down, contacted their manager and got them fired.


Did these guys deserve to get fired? As much as I hate to see anyone lose their job, I'm gonna go with yes, and had I been their boss I would have fired them too.

Their behavior in the M4 wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been — there's no burnouts, no high speed joyrides, no donuts and nothing got wrecked — I think we can all agree this was pretty unacceptable and extremely not cool to do without the owner's permission. Your job is to park the car, dudes. Not this other shit.


Hell, I bet if the owner came back, and the valets asked him if they could shoot some video about the car, he or she might have even said yes. Car people are cool. Who knows?

So much for ValetDrive. I don't think they'll be missed.

Thanks for the tips everyone!