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We had already seen a 1960s Camaro purporting to be Bumblebee in the upcoming Transformers 4, but apparently that isn't the only car playing the famous autobot. No sir, here he is as a 2014 that's had a major nosejob.


Apparently the restomod Camaro that we previously thought was playing Bumblebee is only Bumblebee for part of the film. For the rest of it this restyled version of the newly restyled Camaro will take over.


What do you think of it? I like the front end. It's definitely modern but also hearkens back to Camaros past. It does look a little tacked on, because it probably is, but a slimmer version of it would be more than welcome. It looks cartoony, which is probably the goal, because Transformers is still a cartoon at heart.

And it doesn't look like various bits, like the fuel filler, are tacked on and performance figures aren't be lied about. At least not from a distance.

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