Here Is The Best Way To Find A Good Off-Road Spot

It’s Friday which means it’s time for our weekly series Ask A Car Nerd. We’ve been getting a lot of great questions, but this one about finding a good off-roading spot stuck out. If you happen to be looking for an activity you can do away from crowds while still enjoying the outdoors, have we got some tips for you.

Reader and off-roading fan Steven wrote to us via email:

How do I find places to go off-road? Living in central Kentucky I cannot find somewhere to just get into the hills and relax. When I was living in eastern Kentucky there was a bounty of old gas, logging, and mine road that would turn into all day adventures. Now I’m hopelessly stuck on tarmac and I hate it.


Our (Interim) EIC Mike Ballaban was gracious enough to give us some good tips on finding an off-road spot.

  1. Check Google Maps: Even though he admits this is a bit of a cop-out answer for a Car Nerd, he suggests that looking at some places around your location is the best way to start finding some off-road locations. However, once you have found the spot make sure you....
  2. Do your research: Even though a place says they have “off-roading” it may just be a beach. This is more than likely not the off-roading you probably want. Make sure you see what sort of experience they have for you.

You may have to drive a little bit too, so make a day trip of the whole thing. With a little bit research, you’ll be dune bashing and rock climbing in no time.

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So, Google and ‘research’? Thanks for the hot tips guys, really outstanding work here.