Here Is Proof Of Everybody's Immense Respect For Dale Earnhardt Sr.

In all his years racing, Dale Earnhardt Sr. won at Daytona International Speedway 34 times. He only won the biggest race at the track, the Daytona 500, once. But the celebration for that win rivaled the joy that is seen when a new Pope takes the helm of the Catholic Church.


If he wasn't killed in a freak accident at the 2001 Daytona 500, today would have been the late Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s 62nd birthday. Earnhardt was one of the most successful drivers ever on the NASCAR circuit. He was also one of the most feared by his competitors.

That fear made The Intimidator the most respected.

In 1998, Dale won his first and only Daytona 500. The scene at the track transformed after he won. As Dale drove down pit lane, he car was swarmed with well wishers from rival teams, congratulating The Intimidator for finally accomplishing the win that had eluded him for so long.

It's a truly amazing sight, and it shows the raw power that Dale held over every other member of the NASCAR paddock.



I don't really follow NASCAR that much but I read a few things saying if Dale wore a HANs device he would have lived. Any truth to that?