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Last week, I was on a flight to California, flipping through the various movies I could watch on the headrest. Boogie Nights was available. Great movie! Thing is, more than a few parts of it might have made the family sitting next to me a little uncomfortable.

I thought about that scene with Mark Wahlberg in the parking lot, where he can’t get an erection. Pretty bleak on its own. Watching that next to a dad and his three-year-old? Probably not the coolest thing I could ever do. I ended up watching Bridge of Spies. 6.5/10.


Is it couth to watch a movie with a sex scene — or just, I don’t know, any sort of film with graphic violence — while on an airplane? In what setting would it be cool, if there’s even one at all? I’ve never had a weird flight experience of any sort, per se, but I figured this riles up a passenger or two every once in awhile.

Am I overthinking things?

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