Here Is A Philadelphia Bus Crawling With Bedbugs, You Can Start Screaming Now

Gif: CBS Philly

My skin has been crawling since I first watched this video from the local Philadelphia CBS news affiliate, shared to Reddit. Bugs are gross, and they’re even more gross when they are blood sucking bugs just hanging around public transit. These nasty critters will cling to fabrics, and can be spread across a dense city like Philadelphia in an instant. The video below was taken last Wednesday, and has spread around the internet since, similar to a bedbug infestation.


Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority already has over 500 buses operating with full plastic interior seating to avoid problems like this one, as well as reduce cleaning times and costs, according to a report from That leaves a little over 900 buses with cloth seating, which SEPTA intends to retrofit over the next three to four years.

The bus operators reportedly responded to the issue as quickly as possible, taking the bus from the video, as well as another infested bus, from the roads for a thorough delousing. It is a common misconception that bedbugs are only a problem for the impoverished or unkempt, but these bugs don’t care how much money is in your bank account. If you take public transit, check your seat before you plunk down.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be off taking my third shower since I first watched this video.

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