The very first Ford Mustang, the 1964 model, cost $2,320 and produced 210 horsepower, while coming in at 2,556 pounds. The 2018 Mustang GT produces 460 hp, weighs 3,705 pounds and costs $35,095. There have been a lot of Mustangs in between.

What is your personal favorite? Our TV show premiered last night, so we’re all feeling a little tender this morning, so I’ll spare you my hottest takes, though I will say I don’t have much love for anything between 1973-1986. Growing up in suburban Ohio, I saw many a rust bucket of that generation being driven around; when someone, later, when I was 11 or so, informed me that the Mustang was actually a muscle car I had trouble believing it. For me, they might as well have been an Escort. Later, in high school, a band director bought a 1999 Mustang and we all accused him of having a midlife crisis. By then, I got it.


Anyway. Watch the video. This post is about a cool video.

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