Here Comes Another Gritty Michigan Crime Drama

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"Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan is on a roll. A spinoff, "Better Caul Saul," is in the works and the TV mastermind has just inked a third deal to develop "Battle Creek" for CBS.

If you've ever eaten a bowl of cereal in your life it probably came from Battle Creek. We Michiganders know this, but for everyone else, the world headquarters of Kellogg's is in Battle Creek. But apparently it's also going to be the setting for Gilligan-esque low-down dirty drama. According to the New York Times:

“Battle Creek” is a drama about two detectives in Battle Creek, Mich. One is a trusting naïf, the other a cynic who relies on guile and deception. They find themselves in competition with an F.B.I. agent whom they see as the epitome of a crime-fighter, though he is far from that.


Hmm. I never thought of Cereal City, USA (it's not too late to call this show "Cereal Killers," is it?), as an appropriate setting for one of these kinds of shows, but Gilligan says he pitched this idea to CBS before "Breaking Bad" came to development on AMC. CBS, clearly seeing dollar signs, revisited the idea and is now going forward.

No doubt it'll be compared to AMC's "Low Winter Sun," which takes place 120 miles away in Detroit. I'll be honest: I lost track after the third episode. I heard it's getting better now. But it already sounds better than "Detroit 1-8-7."

The real question: Will it be filmed in Battle Creek?

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