Here Come The Tasteless Tuner Versions Of The BMW i8

With its liberal use of carbon fiber and potent hybrid drivetrain, the BMW i8 is the car of the future. It is also, apparently, the future of tasteless exotic car modification.


This curiously ugly tuned version of the i8 (read: the body has been modified by people with no taste so it can be sold to wealthy people with no taste) comes to us from German outfitter Manhart. Today they released their first renders of their upcoming i8, which has yellow body accents, yellow brake calipers, gigantic alloy wheels, and their own logo in place of the BMW roundel.

It looks fantastic. I can't wait until Mansory, Hamann and Gemballa (is Gemballa still a thing? I don't even know) get ahold of the i8. And by "can't wait", I mean "please kill me now."

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