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Here Are Two Very Different Ways to Build an Ultimate Overland Jeep

Illustration for article titled Here Are Two Very Different Ways to Build an Ultimate Overland Jeep
Screenshot: HeavyMetalConcepts (YouTube)
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If you’ve fantasized about spending weeks of your life, or tens of thousands of dollars, or both, on a Jeep off-road camping vehicle here’s some inspiration. This ’74 Jeep J20 and JK Wrangler with a house on its back represent two different approaches to custom-vehicle building, but both results are sweet.


Check out these two truck-and-builder profile videos from HeavyMetalConcepts’ Terminal Apex series: One’s a 1974 Jeep J20 passion project, wrought from a $1,000 crapcan. The other’s an over-engineered scientific masterpiece of modern off-road living.

The two vehicles are not opposites per se, but I think it’s fair to say the upgraded oldie is a little more of a creative right-brain expression while the squared-off Wrangler feels more like an exercise in exact science. Not that the J20 here appears to be half-assed in any way, but I mean, Dave Harriton of AEV says he spent “seven 100-hour weeks” on design of this JK Wrangler camper before the vehicle was assembled.


Anyway, would you rather roll in this restomod J20 with a melodious AMC 401 V8:

Or this intuitive and tactical-looking AEV Outpost II:

Also baked into that second video is a little bit of backstory on how AEV, probably one of the better-known off-road shops in America right now, started out as a business plan Harriton had to make for a college class. He took that to a bank, got a $35,000 loan, and kicked off a company that grew into a powerhouse in its industry.

So yeah; stay in school, kids.

Jalopnik Staffer from 2013 to 2020, now Editor-In-Chief at Car Bibles

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Hot take. Over-landing is a stupid trend for yuppies that needs to die. It’s driving up the price of perfectly decent off-road rigs and resulting in hilariously ill conceived mods to non off-road rigs. All so people who don’t spend much time in the outdoors anyways can post Instagram stories from trails the average civic can make it down.

Seriously it’s like stance for jeeps. My advice for any poor soul is actually into it is to do want generations of jeep/land cruiser/IH/etc owners have done. Buy a RV and trailer and haul your rig to ACTUAL TRAILS.