Here Are Two Autozam AZ-1s You Can Buy Right Now

All images: Montu Motors

We have a soft spot for bizarre kei cars here. Nearly a month ago, we noted a 1992 Mazda Autozam AZ-1 for sale, which later was purchased for the low price of $18,277. If you missed that, we found two more Autozams for you to buy. One is even better than the rest, by virtue of the fact that it was the fifth AZ-1 to roll off the production line, according to the listing. It’s also cheaper.

How much cheaper? Montu Motors, based in Florida, has it listed at $16,500, which isn’t that bad, frankly, for a little piece of motoring history, even if the car is 25 years old and has 137,030 kilometers on it, or around 85,147 miles.


Also, look at those fog lights! The lights were a feature of the M2 1015. This AZ-1 is not an M2 1015, but some of its features are, like the lights and some of the panels. That’s because, according to the dealer, a lot of the M2 1015s were sold for parts, which were later incorporated onto AZ-1s. Like this feller.

The car is powered by a three cylinder engine, which you can see above. The transmission is a five-speed manual. The thing runs. It also has recent maintenance records. Who wouldn’t want to buy this car, I ask.


If that is not enough for you, there is yet another AZ-1 up for auction over at Bring A Trailer. This one is also a 1992 model, but blue, and boasts a factory fog light front bumper, a Mazdaspeed rear spoiler, and optional sunshades.

Photos credit BAT

It even has an aftermarket Momo steering wheel, a new stereo and a backup camera, as if you’d even need it. Just stick your head up through the door holes and you’ll be fine.

America, now is the time. This is the place. You must buy the Autozams.


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