Image credit: BMW

Whether the car is new or old, chances are that some little electronic gremlin lives in it somewhere. We generally don’t mind, though. It’s what gives the car “personality.” And we sure love personality.

Last week, I asked you guys for some of the weirdest car quirks you’ve ever encountered. Heater only start when it rains? Windshield wipers only work when the sun is out?

My dad’s old Saab had a burglar alarm that went off only if a truck passed by while it was parked. Nothing else set it off. We just supposed that it didn’t like trucks.

Here are your oddities.

Aux Mode (E92Matt - Dealership Stalker)

And then you tap your nose three times and say, “Abracadabra,” and then everything would return to normal.

Adorable (HCR32SkyRine)

Kneepads? For what?

I’m That Perfectionist (MattDeZ)

And this would indeed drive me nuts.

Hi-Beams (Mungo Shuntbox)

Just tryin’ to light the way.

Honk (sumo6868)

That must have been quite a sight.

Just Hit It (Meotter96)

It’s actually worked more time than expected.

Climb! (Hallj0_)

You’re lucky the trunk connects.

Thumb Drive (Hirsch)

Saab is known for being “quirky.”

Scout! (Theo31337)

A list of weird stuff.

Not A Car, But... (wpanik)

The machines have ears.

CD Spitter (Jaded Helmsman)

I... just... what?

Flatulence (Thunder)

It was the O rings!

Clubbing (Verhaa)

Maybe the car just wanted that club vibe.

Dash Problems (Dr. Martin van Nostrand)

Dashes do matter!

No Key? No Problem (Mr.Falcon)

Keys are overrated anyways.

Tercel (Tycho13)

Windows and doors in cahoots with each other.