Here Are The Most Captivating New Concept Cars

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So, apparently there’s a car show going on in Canada this week. By now, you’re all aware that it’s the place where you’ll find the most stunning new cars in North America, not crossovers and robots. It’s also the place where Aston Martin promised us the future of cars won’t suck with their insane AM-RB 001 hypercar. As far as cars go, the Canadian International Auto Show is kicking ass this year.

CIAS 2017 also boasts some equally enjoyable concept cars. Granted, some of them are recycled from past auto shows, but there are still some pleasant surprises sitting in Canada right now. Check it out.

Lexus UX and LF-FC

Lexus revealed two interesting concepts in Toronto. Both purple. Yes, another crossover, but this one looks seriously badass though. It’s also called the UX, or User Experience.

The User Experience projects Lexus’ design language for its crossovers into the future with radical, almost lunar-vehicle like design elements. Mostly still a design exercise, Lexus say the UX will be made out of innovative environmentally-friendly materials, such as seats made out of biological protein. Sounds yummy.

Lexus also unveiled a car concept in Toronto: the LF-FC. And it looks good. Very good. It’s a low-slung, coupe-like midsize sedan that takes the Lexus “Predator” spindle grille to a whole new level by borrowing styling cues from the recently launched LC sports coupe and the upcoming LS.

It also says “Fuel Cell” on the side. I’m guessing this will be Toyota’s next application of its hydrogen powered fuel cell technology currently found in the Mirai.

I tell you, I dig the way this car looks, and find Lexus is really carving itself a formidable reputation in the luxury car segment these days.

Toyota’s luxury division also proved that a Lexus is easily identifiable as a Lexus as long as it has the corporate spindle grille, four wheels, and a lot of neon lights on it. Check out this “half the car is missing” concept.

At least the damn thing is a car.

Cadillac Escala

My personal favorite concept of CIAS is the Cadillac Escala, which was originally presented at Pebble Beach last summer. No, this is not an Escalade missing two letters, but rather an actual car. A seriously stunning car.

It’s also much more than a simple design exercise. The Cadillac Escala is a boardroom meeting away from being the real deal. And it’s all the great things a Cadillac should be.

The Escala projects Cadillac design into the future by bridging the gap between the brand’s current styling and what we should expect in the years to come. The first visible difference between the Escala and current Cadillacs is the horizontal headlight treatment, a departure from the traditional vertical arrangement we’ve become accustomed to at GM’s luxury brand.

Out back, there’s a combination of both horizontal and vertical lines that blend together well to create what could become a new taillight styling trait for Cadillac in the future. I quite like it.

It’s a concept car we love here at Jalopnik, and we’ve said it before: Cadillac needs to build this thing.

Rinspeed Oasis

Meanwhile, quirky Swiss manufacturer and tuning designer Rinspeed reminded us the future could in fact suck with their Oasis concept, a car that drives itself and even fetches your groceries while you can stay in the comfort of your own home staring at an LCD screen, possibly drooling.

Nissan Vmotion 2.0

Nissan brought their Vmotion 2.0 concept, first unveiled in Detroit, to the Canadian autoshow. The Vmotion 2.0 signals Nissan’s future sedan design direction. In other words, this is what the next Maxima and Altima will look like.

Looks good. Nissan says the Vmotion 2.0 is the evolution of the “V-motion” front design signature seen on many of today’s Nissan products, such as the Murano and the Maxima. The Vmotion 2.0 will also incorporate Nissan Intelligent Driving technology. But we don’t really care about that, do we?

I certainly hope Nissan’s V-Motion 2.0 design language will trickle down to the more affordable stuff in their lineup, such as the lukewarm Sentra, which could use a healthy injection of V-Motion 2.0 design. Also, literally anything else to make it more interesting.

Mitsubishi GT-PHEV (Eclipse-Cross? Oh God No!)

Oh yes, the ghastly MITSUBISHI GT-PHEV super insane radical crossover concept. It represents everything wrong with the future of the automobile.

Although nothing is confirmed about what the GT-PHEV will be or officially called, we know Mitsubishi Motors has already screwed up the name of their next crossover with the Eclipse Cross. So I guess the GT-PHEV concept makes sense since at this point it doesn’t matter if the Eclipse-Cross looks like ass too, right?

Buick Avista

General Motors, just build the damn Avista already. We all know there’s a Camaro sitting underneath that clean sheetmetal. The world, and not just China, needs more exciting Buick coupes.

Lincoln Navigator Concept

If you’re going to present an SUV at an autoshow, you might as well present the big daddy of SUVs, the Lincoln Navigator Concept. Mind you, this is far from a new concept, it’s been released last year. But the 2018 Navigator is a big deal for Lincoln.

With the arrival of the Continental, a truly beautiful flagship sedan that finally looks and feels like what a Lincoln should, it only makes sense that Lincoln, the American carmaker presently going through an identity crisis, presents an opulent, full-size SUV with gull-wing doors at an auto show, right?

Expect the 2018 Lincoln Navigator to share several mechanical components with the recently unveiled Ford Expedition, which doesn’t offer the luxury of coming with a full blown man’s wardrobe.

Toyota Doesn’t Give a Shit

I didn’t even take the time to jot down the name of this horrendous creation. But in a nutshell, if you wonder what I’m all about when I keep complaining about how our future will suck, this is why.

Everything about this Toyota concept screams “we don’t give a shit about the future, we’ll just be selling rolling appliances”.

I don’t think Toyota even bothered styling this thing. Because it’s nothing more than a pod with an aquarium sitting on top of it. And I’m willing to bet it doesn’t come with a manual transmission. Is this the future of the Corolla? If so, then please shoot me.

Lexus LC

The Lexus LC was a concept car that’s now a production car that still looks like a concept car.

Subaru VIZIV 7

Subaru is the only of the Japanese car brands to not have a hotcake-selling 7-passenger SUV in its lineup. So expect one to come out very soon at Subaru. Like probably this summer. And chances are, it’ll look like this: the VIZIV 7.

We North Americans just can’t seem to get our fix of sport utility vehicles now can we?

Infiniti QX50 Concept

After the disappointing QX30, Infiniti has some pressure with its next midsize crossover. But the QX50 looks up to be quite promising, because for starters, it’s not badge engineered to the bone like its little brother. This is a full on Infiniti product. And it doesn’t look bad, as far as crossovers go.

The next QX50 will also feature Infiniti’s new variable compression 2.0L turbo engine which should offer the same fuel efficiency as a diesel thanks to the latest tech in engineering witchcraft and magic. Finally, a crossover that’ll have something exciting to brag about.

The 2017 Canadian International Auto Show is going on right now through February 26th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. You should go.

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