The Porsche 919 Hybrid received some minor upgrades in the offseason, and the new car hit the test track in Weissach this month to test them out. Here are the first photos of the LMP1 car Porsche will be using in the World Endurance Championship for 2015.

The front aero pieces have been revised, with a slightly different placement of the front wing supports and meatier canards up front compared to the 2015 car. It also has a more triangular nose shape this year, as opposed to the rectangular middle lump of the old car's nose.

According to Porsche:

The new Porsche 919 Hybrid is a comprehensive evolution of the successful car that made its debut in 2014. It will feature the same innovative drivetrain concept consisting of a 2-litre V4 turbocharged petrol engine, an electric motor powering the front wheels, and two energy recovery systems. The new generation car had its first roll-out on December 15, 2014.


It may be an evolution and will probably get covered up with a livery, but man, do these cars just look mean in naked carbon fiber. This one looks even more sinister than last year's with the more angular nose treatment.

That face says "squee" if I ever saw it.


Testing of the Porsche 919 will continue on January 18 at Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina Circuit.

Photo credits: Porsche