Here Are the Cars Jalopnik Is Thankful For

Graphic: Jason Torchinsky

It’s not hard to guess what we’re thankful for: the continuing improvement of our dear Andrew Collins following his spill, my current total lack of cancer and Patrick George finally taking his first steps towards transitioning into a Bavarian super villain. Truly, the Jalopnik gang is hashtag-blessed. But the thing we’re really the most thankful for? The chance to drive the cars and share those cars with you.

That’s why this Thanksgiving Day, as you stare deeply into your phone and try to ignore the dysfunction of the people you’re somehow related to, you’ll find some of our favorite car reviews of 2018 thus far. All of our reviews are special, but these are the ones we all enjoyed the most over the last year.


So pour yourself a drink (or don’t, if you’re driving) and sink your teeth in to the rich, decadent details of the 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class, dine on the succulence that is the 2019 Toyota Supra mule and finish it off with a finely aged ‘84 Honda CRX. These are the delicious morsels you won’t regret finishing come Friday.

And it’s better than talking to your family, for sure.

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