7.) The first-generation Citroen C4 has this neat little steering wheel where the only thing that moves on it is the rim, but the hub in the middle stays in place. Citroens are cool like that. Anyway, because the hub always stayed fixed in one spot, the airbag itself could be shaped for the human body a bit better. After all, your head is not as wide as your shoulders, I hope. So the 2004 Citroen C4 was the first car to have a shaped airbag.


This is the best picture of it I can find that we could use after like only three minutes of searching:


You can see the driver’s side airbag is shaped a bit like an upside-down egg.

8.) The first American patent issued for automotive airbags was granted to a John W. Hetrick in 1952. You can still see that original patent here. It took damn near 20 years for the invention to actually end up in cars.


9.) Wanna know why airbags deploy so quickly, and with such force? Well, if they’re even slightly late, it could be very bad. Like, you’re-going-to-need-some-new-facial-bits bad. Here’s video of how bad:

Oof. That’s bad. Here’s another video that is definitely more dramatic, though I am not sure how applicable it is because most people I know don’t have watermelon heads:

Highly entertaining.

10.) But airbags do deploy extremely quickly, and for good reason. Here’s footage from an actual crash, helpfully filmed by a bunch of mad British lads:

They’re rattled, but unhurt. Hooray airbags.

Okay that’s all the airbag facts I want to write about for now. There are certainly more airbag facts available, out there, in the world. Please comment with your favorite true airbag facts.


If your airbag facts are not true, and are really made up, please do make that clear. I want to read more airbag facts.