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The Nissan X-Trail is famous for being a car that was made by Nissan and called the X-Trail. Let’s look at some pictures of it.

Here’s an early X-Trail driving in some mud.

Here is a slightly later X-Trail in a stream.


In fact, here is another picture of an X-Trail in a stream. I wonder where this stream is! It could be in England.

Here is a Nissan X-Trail on some snow. I doubt that this picture was taken in England.


This picture, however, could very well be showing the fine landscape of England, though I am not sure that it is.


Certainly this picture of a Nissan X-Trail could have been taken in England. Only a fool would deny it. There are trees (which are found in England), there is snow (which is found in England), and there is a Nissan X-Trail (which can be found in England as well). All of these points direct the viewer of this photograph towards the conclusion that this is a picture that could be, but not necessarily is, depicting a scene in England.

This Nissan X-Trail appears to be in some sort of work site or bombed-out ruin of a city. Much more likely, it is in a studio.


Finally, here is a picture of a last-generation X-Trail soaring through the air. I would imagine that this picture has been faked. That does not bother me. I see it and it fills my mind with wonder and excitement, much as it would if it were real. My imagination is strong, and is bolstered by the sight of this possibly altered press photograph.


Photo Credits: Nissan

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