Here Are Some Insanely Creative Projects Made From Extra Car Parts

Photo credit CleverUsername
Photo credit CleverUsername
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Yesterday, I asked you what you do with your extra car parts. Of course, the typical response was to hang onto them until they were needed again... however long that might take. Days. Weeks. Months. Decades. I was expecting some paperweights.

But then! You really followed up and showed me exactly how uncreative and unimaginative I am if I were presented with the same parts.


Here were some of my favorites.

Autobots, Roll Out! (BeauM)

BeauM created this miniature Transformer out of old car parts. And he included a video!

Giving The Racecar A Second Life (sdwarf36)

A table from leftover sheet metal? I’d own it.


Miata Is Always The Office Chair Answer (Big Block I-4)

Car seats are designed to be comfy (for the most part). Why shouldn’t bolsters make their way into the office space?


There Will Be Light! (StuntmanDan)

StuntmanDan’s family friend, who has passed away, used to make stuff like this. What a great way to remember him.


And Speaking Of Light...(LemonsEngineer)

A crank lamp? A lamp crank? The world may never know.


The Bottle Cap Holder (Bob)

This is pretty straightforward. You always need a place for those little buggers.


The Paperweight/Card Holder Combo (rocknroll_jeph)

Really, I’ll find anything to put in a piston as long as I can keep it on my desk.


The Reptilian Creature Of The Dark Lagoon (JohnnyWasASchoolBoy)

Johnny’s friend makes these things. I would like one, please.


Altar To The God Of Speed (Pickup_man)

Some of us are more upfront with our relationship to the god of speed than others. Pickup_man has a great altar here. Amen, brother.


Wind Chimes! (ImNotVeryCleverEither)

Instead of throwing out old bike parts, why not make rolling wind chimes out of them?


End Tables For The Win! (304SSDriver)

If I had the space and the materials, I would, too.


Never Lose Your Heads (Bonhomme7h)

Only one question: what happens when you get a new DVD player and system? Do you have to readjust the shelving?


The Booze Holder (CleverUsername and Jim, via Twitter)

This is way classer than having a bar, in my opinion. Who needs to store bottles upright, anyway?


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