Here Are All The Cars At The 2017 24 Hours Of Le Mans

All images credit Andy Blackmore Design

This year’s going to be extra tough at Le Mans, and we’re not just talking about the competition on track. No! All five top-class LMP1-H cars are white with reddish and black bits on them. Fortunately, Andy Blackmore put out his invaluable Spotter Guide for Le Mans again so we can tell all 60 cars apart from each other.

Blackmore puts an incredible amount of effort into keeping his guide up-to-date for the general good of racing fans everywhere, so check his site here to download the most recent version right before the race.


The information on this year’s Spotter Guide doesn’t just help you tell the cars apart, it also has a whole host of helpful information including which series a car usually runs in, the names of the drivers, social media profiles for the team and even each team member’s driver ranking.

There’s also a track map so you don’t get confused when someone mentions a random name like Les Hunaudières on the commentary, and a quick explainer of what the different alphabet soup sounding classes are. Le Mans: it’s like four races happening at the same time.

You can download the latest PDF version of the Spotter Guide directly from Andy Blackmore’s site here. Go forth, and be less confused.


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