Like Invisible Touch, the M3, a vehicle made by the Bavarian Motor Works company of West Germany, turns 30 this year. I would argue that it has aged better than that album, and this massive photo gallery of M3s—including weird-ass one-offs—is proof of that.

To celebrate the M3's big 3-0, BMW put out a huge collection of new photos of all the cars in their vault. You can view it all here, and it will dominate your collection of desktop wallpapers for years to come.

They’re great, but the weirdo mutant M3s are definitely the highlights here. They include an E30 M3 pickup truck (why is my E30 not a pickup truck, I now wonder), the more famous E92 M3 pickup truck, the E46 M3 wagon we all dream about when we go to sleep at night, and an M3 based on the E36/5 Compact (aka 318ti) that is so subversively bizarre I cannot help but love it.

Here are some of my favorite selections. Please enjoy them, and carry them in your heart as I do every day.

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