Henrik Fisker is back in the business of modifying cars for the style-obsessed one-percent, and this time he's taking an Aston Martin Vanquish and adding his patented blend of putting style over substance.

Fisker's coachbuilding escapades started years ago with his Mercedes and BMW-based roadsters, now unicorns of eBay, and his most recent project was a partnership with Galpin on the over-endowed, Mustang-based Rocket. His Vanquish project takes a similar tack, although the modifications to the Thunderbolt are primarily skin deep.

Fisker reworked the exterior, starting with carbon fiber bodywork and an oversized take on the Aston's signature schnoz. The B-pillars were stretched to accommodate the raked and wrapped rear window, capped off with a new spoiler and taillights that are immediately identifiable as something penned by the hand of Henrik.

The whole package is dropped a little more than an inch over 21-inch, Fisker-designed 10-spoke wheels.

The interior gets a similar makeover, with lots of hand-stitched leather and carbon fiber accents. It's also packing an 11.6-inch curved screen – the first use of a curved display in a car – and apparently has a mechanical watch mounted on the dash.

Keeping that thing wound might be an issue if you're not constantly flogging the Thunderbolt around corners – something drivers might want to avoid to prevent the two bottles of champagne mounted in their custom holders from exploding.

Fisker is calling the Thunderbolt a concept and isn't talking price or availability. But since it's another joint project with Galpin, where there's a checkbook, there's a way.

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