Illustration for article titled Henrik Fisker Bought Himself A Fisker Karma Right After Quitting His Company

You know what they say: You can take Fisker out of Fisker, but you can't always take Fisker out of a Fisker.

Allow me to explain. You'll remember that Henrik Fisker shocked the car world this week by quitting the flagging company he himself co-founded, Fisker Automotive. But he's not completely done with the company just yet.


According to the Detroit News, Fisker turned in his company car and then proceeded to the Fisker dealership in Santa Monica, where he bought himself a blue Fisker Karma luxury hybrid sedan. Retail on one goes for around $102,000. Here's what he told the newspaper:

"I don't get a free car because I walked away," Fisker said. "I wanted to support my local dealer."

So even if he's not content running a company with his name on it anymore, he can at least drive a car with his name on it instead.

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