Hennessey Venom GT Coming To SEMA

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The insane $1 million Hennessey Venom GT's managed to sneak into Texas without setting off any USGS seismic sensors. The Lotus-bodied, 1,200-hp V8-powered Venom GT will debut at SEMA next week, where it will embarrass outrageously-painted Hyundai Tiburons.

The $1,000,000 Venom GT answers the question: what would happen if we stuffed the most powerful American engine we could find into the smallest, lightest, and nimblest English car with a roof? So far, few have seen the car as it was transported directly from the production facility in England to the home of its current owner in the UAE. It's back in the United States for a little tweaking and will make the trip to Las Vegas next week.

You can see it in the shop in the photo above, and hear it idling in this video. Note how this car idling sounds better than a lot of cars at full throttle.


John Hennessey has variously described the car as "the fulfillment of a dream," a "supercar with a soul" and "the quickest, fastest and most exciting vehicle that I have ever driven." Big words from a guy who started his career based on the premise that the Dodge Viper was underpowered.

We'll be there to see it in person and report back, assuming Wert doesn't pass out or get arrested trying to mount it (Hahahaha... actually, he's not kidding about that. —Ed.)