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Ladies and gentlemen, it's now robogasm time. This evening we'll be heading on over to a special preview screening of the new live-action Transformers movie with other auto writers โ€” and even a couple of movie critics. Critics are interested? Who knew. But now we've got an interesting problem to deal with. You see, although we were disappointed to find there's no costume shop in town with an Optimus Prime costume, we were able to come up with a couple of options for attire thanks to our gadget-obsessed brother site. But here's the deal โ€” you know how some days you feel like a nut, and some days you don't? Well โ€” we're kinda having the same problem โ€” except some days we feel like a Mustang-loving Decepticon and some days we feel like a Chevy-embracing Autobot. Thus, here's the question โ€” which do we go as tonight? You decide! Oh and yes, the Autobot shirt lights up โ€” so I may end up wearing that one just because.

Animated Transformers Shirt [ThinkGeek]

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