Help find the woman who ran over this 7-Eleven employee

For some immigrants to the United States, the broadest window into our culture comes from working behind the counter at a 7-Eleven. Unfortunately that includes run-ins with America's less welcoming occupants — like people who hit 7-Eleven employees with their cars and nonchalantly stroll away.

The facts: Gejea Ejeta, an Ethiopian immigrant, was working his shift at a 7-Eleven outside Philadelphia on June 9 when a 2007 Dodge Caliber that had been parked outside jumped the curb and sent Ejeta flying through the store's front window. The driver, identified by police as Wilaisha Rankins, 32, then fled.

What the store's video cameras captured in addition to the facts was the departure of a woman in the passenger seat, whom after the Caliber stops, checks her phone for something important and strolls off — never even glancing at the 7-Eleven employee lying in a pile of broken plate glass inside the store. Another man tumbles out of the back seat and is almost also Caliber'd as the driver pulls out.


Police later caught up with the passenger, Tylese Pitts, who said the group had been out drinking. When asked by WPVI-TV why she didn't stop to help the injured 7-11 clerk, Pitts said: "I was in shock into the whole situation; I've never been through anything like this in my entire life. I was in total shock."

Ejeta has an injured leg but survived the accident. Philadelphia police are still looking for Rankins. Maybe they should try texting — that seems to get people's attention.

Hat tip to Richard!

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So...I think I found her:


Lives in Norristown, Pennsylvania :: From Bristol, Pennsylvania

W. Rankins1

(If this isn't her — my apologies in advance; but based on location and name it is probable)


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