Help Find Iris, This Man's Stolen Beetle

This particular stolen car tale hits pretty close to home for me: it's a vintage Beetle, and the owner had had for most of his adult life. It was stolen from in front of his California home, and he really wants it back. Let's see if the amazing Jalopnik community can pull another miracle out of their tailpipes.


Keith is the owner, and he's had this Panama beige 1964 Beetle for 11 years, since he was 15. To VW mavens, you may notice that the front end looks a lot more like a '62: clear indicator lenses, Wolfsburg crest over the hood handle, but those seem to be changes that happened in a late '90s partial restoration. The rear has the wide license plate light of a '64, which should be illuminating license plate number 6GWL437.

There's a dent in the right front fender, the back left fender, and the front left hubcap is missing, but the Beetle otherwise appears to be in quite complete shape.

The car was discovered missing this morning, Friday Aug 9, at 6 am. It was last seen near the corner of Griffin Ave and Ave 43in the Montecito Heights area of Los Angeles.


As Keith says,

I've had the bug over a decade and I'm sad to loose something that made driving fun and always an adventure. The hope is that she was taken for a joyride and is just on some side street, or even finding her with some missing parts like your bug! I would hate to lose such a big part of my life. I wanted to pass the car on to future generations of my family one day.


So, everyone please keep their eyes open and let's see if we can find this man's Beetle. Thanks so much. Part of me hopes it's the same bastards that took mine, because I hate to think of there being more asshole Beetle-stealers out there.

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