Help Formula DRIFT Driver Tyler McQuarrie Find His Stolen Gear

Tyler McQuarrie is a driver in the always-awesome Formula DRIFT, and he drives an even more insane super-slidey Chevy Camaro in the series. Well, he did, until somebody stole a lot of his racing gear right out of his truck. It's not only GoPros and t-shirts, it's his helmet and suit, too.

The items were all stolen from Tyler's pickup truck, parked at a secure parking lot at the Westin Hotel in Long Beach, California. Tyler really needs his gear back, so much so to the point that he said you can keep the other stuff, they just need the suit and helmet, pictured here:


Though I'm sure the GoPros and whatnot being returned would be pretty good, too.

A reward is being offered for information leading to the return of the suit and helmet, and if you know anything at all about it, don't hesitate to either leave a comment here, get in touch with us at so we can put you in touch with Tyler's team, or to just leave the gear itself at the Formula DRIFT Long Beach office.

You might already know Tyler from the time he hooned a 650-horsepower Porsche 911 drift car, or from this crazy video of him going nuts in his Camaro:

And yeah, you should watch that video, because the suit and helmet he's wearing are very similar to the ones that got jacked, and also because it's incredibly impressive and you'll know never to steal from someone who can drive like that.


So please, for the love of all that is holy, return Tyler's stuff.

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