Help An Enthusiast Find His Stolen GMC Syclone

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The GMC Syclone was the great muscle truck of the early ‘90s and anyone who spends the time rebuilding a restoring one of these rare classics deserves praise. Matt Quinn got his stolen instead.

Last Thursday around 5:15, Matt's Syclone was stolen here, outside of his work in Torrence, California. There was no broken glass and no one heard the engine (everyone hears it when it starts up, says Quinn), so it was likely towed.

Quinn's truck was first reported on the forum, where more details may surface.

APB ALERT!!! Syclone #2208 Stolen - Torrance California

PLATE: 8E25472
TIME: Sometime around 5:15 Pacific
LOCATION STOLEN FROM: 2213 Border Avenue, Torrance, CA 90501


Quinn posted a build thread of his truck here, where you may find more points of identification.


The only security camera image from around that time is this picture of a blue Honda Civic on orange rims. It is possible the car is related to the theft.

Matt has already filed a police report, but his Syclone may already be out of state or out of the country.


If you have any information on this truck's whereabouts, leave Matt a message on his forum profile, or comment on the search thread here.

If you do see the vehicle, do not try to apprehend the drivers. Just contact the police.


(Hat tip to Random Task!)

Photo Credit: Matt Quinn