Hi. Hey. How are you? You seem well. You look, and you’ll excuse me for being a little forward here, like you could use a 1962 Volvo Amazon for $550.

Hm! An Amazon! Great cars those things. They’re like 1955 Chryslers built in miniature.

They came with stout inline four-cylinder engines with rear-wheel drive, and this one has a manual transmission. A car like this is about as simple a modern automobile as you can buy. Not much to go wrong. Not much in this thing but some cool vintage style.


It’s not in the best shape, but there’s not a ton to really un-screw-up either. The yard in Rancho Cordova out in NorCal selling this thing claims it runs and drives (I’m a little skeptical), but I’ll forgive it just about any faults for its low, low price.


Maybe it’s time for you to be an Amazon owner. I don’t know. I can’t tell you that. It’s a decision that you’re going to have to make. All I can tell you is that it’s here on Sacramento Craigslist and if it fills you with desire, perhaps you should follow your heart.