Hellcat Miata This Is Not a Drill

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Screenshot: Hoonigan Daily Transmission

I’ll confess I’m not all that interested in or impressed by burnouts but, uh, there’s no denying the pure majesty of a 2,580-pound car putting 685 horsepower to its wheels.

This clip from Hoonigan Daily Transmission features what can only be described as a comically aggressive engine swap, I mean, then again, it’s really more its own animal than just a regular-old repower at this point.

As Hoonigan guests Stephen Crapps and Mike Kelly explain, this vehicle is the only known Hellcat-powered Miata. They take us through the project and parts that went into the build: the car runs a Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual transmission, like what you might find in a Challenger or Camaro, a Ford 8.8 rear end and meaty, meaty tires which it rips through with the grace and elegance of a pitbull trying to get some peanut butter out of a rubber ball.

The car’s keepers say they added 10K springs to the Miata to compensate for the Hemi engine’s substantial weight, and chipped away quite a bit of the firewall and transmission tunnel to make everything fit. I mean... obviously.


Hilarity ensues:

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This is weapons-grade stupid.

I want to drive it so bad.