Hellcat Everything, Even The Minivan

Bless you, Ralph Gilles. The FCA global head of design doodled what he thought would be a Hellcat Chrysler Pacifica on his table at dinner, and I won’t lie, it looks amazing. Somebody’s got to give the One Lap of America Honda Odyssey some competition, right? Hellcat all the things!


Gilles’ doodle makes the Pacifica wider, with big wheels, a few vents in the hood and a wing big enough to hold four kids’ worth of Happy Meals. Best of all, if your kids ask “are we there yet?,” you won’t even need the van’s clever app to shut them up. Just mash down the gas pedal and pin the little stinkers to their seats.

[H/T Road & Track]

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Why keep championing for cars that require not-insignificant investments that no one will buy (especially no one here)? I mean, while we’re at it, let’s get a RWD Hellcat Dart and Hellcat Jeep Wrangler! Because that would totally be cool and stuff.