Hell Yes A New Initial D Movie Is On Its Way

Outstanding news for anyone who loves drifting, Japan, and unassuming Toyotas that decimate vastly more powerful cars: a new Initial D movie is coming this fall! And here's the first full-length trailer.


No, I don't know what happens in it, because I don't speak Japanese. But Initial D has never been about its deep and intricate plot; it's been about sick Japanese mountain road street racing, and this new movie doesn't look like it will disappoint in that regard.

Anime News Network says the film will be called New Initial D The Movie Legend 1: Awakening, and it will be a reboot of the manga and TV show's first chapters. The trailer shows the first fateful battle between Takumi Fujiwara in the AE86 and Keisuke Takahashi in the FD RX-7, so that gives us a good idea of where they're starting from.

The animation looks vastly better than the late 1990s TV series did, but I'm still hoping for plenty of Eurobeat music. I don't like Eurobeat music, to be honest, but I can't imagine Initial D without that shit pumping hard during all the battles.

The film hits Japanese theaters in August, and the title implies more sequels on the way. Let's hope it makes it to the U.S. somehow as well.



Worth mentioning—final stage episode 1 and 2 are now out, but no sub available yet