More headlights, more fun. (Image via ThatDudeinBlue/YouTube)
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I’m pretty sure the “hardcore off-road Subaru” scene is getting ready to blow up. We’ve already seen how cool the current Outback looks with big tires and tube bumpers, I think the look ports pretty well to the little Crosstrek too.

That’s mainly because this car follows the cardinal rule of making anything look like a badass off-roader: add a shitload of headlights.

But the bigger tires, fit via spacer lift, and absence of front-end aerodynamics give this crossover a nice little sophisticated redneck vibe.

In case you’re scratching your head at how this car got a raised ride height, what the owner calls a “spacer” in the video is most likely literally just a puck that gets installed between the struts and the car’s body. It’s not exactly great for performance since it awkwardly changes part of the vehicle’s geometry but it’s fairly common practice for cheapskates or people working with cars that don’t have a lot of aftermarket support.

But whatever, the most exciting thing about this one is the manual transmission! Three cheers for three pedals, baby.


I’m actually a big fan of the Crosstrek anyway. I get the impression that it does a better job delivering what the Jeep Renegade promises, practical adventure-enabling, without being all in your face about it.

(Image via ThatDudeinBlue/YouTube)


Like the owner in this video, I too am a fan of cool sunglasses and music that came out when I was in middle school. Not sure how that’s relevant to my take on the car, but I’m calling it the coolest Crosstrek on the internet until somebody shows me something better.

The little car’s 2.0-liter flat four engine is rated to a very modest 148 horsepower and 145 lb-ft of torque, but as you can see in the clip, that’s enough energy to drive too fast down a rutted road. How much more juice do you really need?


Besides, that little engine means 31 MPG on the highway. At least, before you fit knobby tires and take the face off the car.

If I ever have to pare my fleet down to one vehicle this would be on the shortlist for sure. I might move my headlights to the roofline, but I really dig this setup.