Hell Yeah I Went Grocery Shopping In The McLaren 650S

My experience with the 2015 McLaren 650S Spider is limited by both time and mileage, but I'm trying to get the most out of it while I have it. I have found it to be a shockingly civilized, comfortable and livable sports car when you don't want to drive like a crazy person. I even turned it into my grocery getter!

That was after I spent Sunday driving the hell out of it, of course. But it will get groceries just fine.


Here is a list of items purchased at the HEB, Texas' beloved grocery store monopoly, and placed with care into the frunk of the McLaren:

1 lb. salmon filet
3 lbs. bananas
1 box granola bars
1 lb. roast beef, sliced thin
1 whole lemon rotisserie chicken
1 package of mini croissants
1 package of contact lens solution
1 DiGiorno frozen pizza
1.5 lbs. tenderloin steak
1 six pack, Oasis London Homesick Ale
1 SuperMoist vanilla cake mix with icing (green, for St. Patrick's Day)
1 XL vine extra ripe tomatoes
1 12-pack of grapefruit-flavored fizzy water cans
1 jar, sundried alfredo sauce
1 bag Buitoni wild mushroom pasta
1.75 lbs. pink lady apples (the best apples)

YES WE EAT VEGETABLES. We just get them delivered from this farm or something, I dunno.


And all of this stuff, packed into reusable bags (We have a bag ban in Austin), fit with some room to spare in the McLaren. Who says supercars aren't livable? You may not be able to fit suitcases in there, but you can take it grocery shopping.

Expect a full write-up on the 650S and some more fun stuff later this week. I'm going to miss this view from my garage.


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