Hell Roads: The Dreaded Nimitz Freeway

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In my family, the freeway named after Admiral Chester Nimitz is always referred to as "The Dreaded Nimitz." The stretch nearest the Martin ancestral villa- let's say between the San Leandro border and the Bay Bridge- looms as a car-and-human-parts-strewn nightmare of potholes, 18-wheelers piloted by drivers at the tail ends of 3,000-mile amphetamine runs, heavily-armed drunks, and road-ragers. You'll find speeds ranging from 20 to 110 in the same traumatized stretch of choppy asphalt; on- and off-ramps are short, steep white-knuckle mid-50s setups that ensure maximum carnage during merges. And it used to be even worse, back in the pre-Interstate days when it was State Route 17; even before the '89 earthquake knocked down the Cypress structure you'd see a lot of "Pray For Me, I Drive The Nimitz" bumper stickers. And now the latest Nimitz-related catastrophe (technically not on the Nimitz itself, but definitely in its sphere of influence) hoses East Bay drivers yet again. So today- and every day- let's all commemorate Dreaded Nimitz Day, by scraping our cars against several hundred yards of concrete barriers and then driving at high speed across a field strewn with cinderblocks.

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along with the well known hellish freeways in greater la, i would like to give a few doozies in the pittsburgh metro area. 279 in green tree there are a few onramps were you are "required" to stop at a sign, and then try to merge from a stop onto an at speed freeway. now from my daily experencies here thats no big deal durring rush hours. but that stretch is rarely stop and go, so its just kind of hope for the best.

another fun strip is the 279 south tunnel and bridge in downtown. man oh man just a mess of car entering, exiting, lane changing, think of a cloverleaf confined to 4 lanes and about 8oo feet before the "see how fast your car can go" 3,ooo foot tunnel.

just felt like sharing that...