Heat Vision And Jack edition

Every so often, I like to transport myself back to the heady days of the late '90s, when Ben Stiller was still cool and no one was tired of Jack Black, and a talking motorcycle could help the world's smartest astronaut solve crimes committed by aliens. "Heat Vision and Jack" should have taken reams of names and dispensed a pickled peck of whoop-ass, but instead we got "Envy." Speaking of, the little bout of envy between Dearborn and Modena gave dmcshinobi a similar kind of flashback:


"State your name, please."



Ford Motor Company."

"And where were you born?"

"Dearborn, Michigan

— it's inside Detroit"


"We have here finally a witness that will further testify to FERRARI's rule over an automotive empire that is synonymous with cars of passion in this country and perhaps other countries. This witness has had no buffer between himself and FERRARI. He can corroborate our charges on enough counts for this committee to recommend a count of perjury against FERRARI. SENATOR."


"Thank you."

[FERRARI is whispering something to the man who was behind him earlier. FORD watches them.]

Mr. FORD — Mr.FORD. Were you a racing rival of FERRARI in the past? Did you serve to topple FERRARI — with your GT40 — also known as — "MK 1"?


"I — I — I never know no GT40. I got only road cars, SENATOR."


"Mr. FORD you are contradicting a sworn statement that you previously made to me and signed. I ask you again sir — you are now under oath — were you at any time a member of a racing organization — pitted against FERRARI?"


"I don't know nothin' about that.. Oh — I was in the car making business with his father but that was a long time ago that's all."


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