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Some ambitious owners have already slapped new mufflers on the 2016 Toyota Tacoma, but MagnaFlow is claiming the first true dyno-tuned 50-state legal exhaust system for the new truck..

MagnaFlow’s system for the 2016 Tacoma’s 3.5 V6 runs all the way from the catalytic converter to the exit tailpipe (typically called a “cat-back exhaust”) and is made of three-inch mandrel bent stainless steel tubing, feeding into a single stainless 18-inch muffler and exiting with a four-inch polished stainless tip.

MagnaFlow promises this system was “dyno tuned to make power and torque,” but suspiciously does not quantify that claim. I left a message over there and will update when we hear back, but it’s probably safe to say that the main “gain” customers get out of the system is this noise:

For a little comparison, listen to the same kind of truck with a stock pipe, and then with a Flowmaster muffler:

While we’re celebrating the song of our people, here’s a Borla muffler on a new Taco too:

Of course, those Flowmaster and Borla sounds you just heard were for mufflers only; not true “cat-back” systems like the MagnaFlow, which again is the first of its kind for the 2016 Tacoma. The difference is that cat-back systems have been known to add a little power, a muffler really only changes the sound.


The new MagnaFlow system will set you back about $675 with a lifetime warranty. Exhaust pipes are pretty easy to install, especially since there can’t be too many brand-new Tacomas with rusty bolts down there yet. I’d budget about an hour’s labor at your local shop or a weekend afternoon if you’re going to attach it yourself.

Images via MagnaFlow

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