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The Fiat 124 Abarth R-GT rally car is happening, you guys. It’s practicing for the Rallye Monte Carlo right now! This the new 124 worth drooling after: the obscenely quick rally car version with 300 horsepower with an exhaust note made of 100 percent pure rumblesnortanium.


Look, if you’re going to have a buzzy, growly rear-wheel-drive car, it needs to get sideways at some point. That’s just the rule. The frigid stage roads used for practice ahead of the Rallye Monte Carlo are a great place to do just that.

Sometimes these little cars get a little too sideways and spin, but that’s why you practice ahead of the event: to find that limit of grip, sanity and talent now instead of in the middle of a race.

Man, this car sounds good.

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