California developer "Big" Mike Harrah already owns a 3,000-hp hot rod powered by a PT boat's V12. His next project? A Peterbuilt-based rod with a 24-cylinder Detroit Diesel, churning 3,400 hp via superchargers and nitrous. Un. Holy.


Harrah actually started with two 24-cylinder engines scavenged from a Hatteras yacht, with one destined for a stretched 1984 359 Peterbuilt. Clearly insufficient in stock form, Harrah's team has attached eight chromed superchargers and a nitrous system. (The engine came with four superchargers that do the actual work and are hidden from view; the eight superchargers on top are falsies that only turn for show.) You can see photos from the build here; we'd also like photos of of the teeth gnashing and garment rending at the California Air Resources Board every time Big Mike turns this beast over.

Illustration for article titled Hear Americas Only Nitrous-Boosted 24-Cylinder Supercharged Diesel

Harrah's other vehicles include a 1931 Rolls Royce Phantom II coupe with a Merlin 1,100-hp V12 from a Spitfire that flew in the Battle of Britain. As for the other 24-cylinder diesel? Harrah's pals have chromed and updated its turbochargers, and Harrah plans to try it out in a new International Lonestar semi. (H/T to several!)

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