Hear America's Only Nitrous-Boosted 24-Cylinder Supercharged Diesel

California developer "Big" Mike Harrah already owns a 3,000-hp hot rod powered by a PT boat's V12. His next project? A Peterbuilt-based rod with a 24-cylinder Detroit Diesel, churning 3,400 hp via superchargers and nitrous. Un. Holy.

Harrah actually started with two 24-cylinder engines scavenged from a Hatteras yacht, with one destined for a stretched 1984 359 Peterbuilt. Clearly insufficient in stock form, Harrah's team has attached eight chromed superchargers and a nitrous system. (The engine came with four superchargers that do the actual work and are hidden from view; the eight superchargers on top are falsies that only turn for show.) You can see photos from the build here; we'd also like photos of of the teeth gnashing and garment rending at the California Air Resources Board every time Big Mike turns this beast over.


Harrah's other vehicles include a 1931 Rolls Royce Phantom II coupe with a Merlin 1,100-hp V12 from a Spitfire that flew in the Battle of Britain. As for the other 24-cylinder diesel? Harrah's pals have chromed and updated its turbochargers, and Harrah plans to try it out in a new International Lonestar semi. (H/T to several!)

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