He Lived.

It's unclear exactly how many times Jerry Yeoman's car rolled after punching through the barrier at this drag strip. A conservative estimate puts it at a dozen.

The real shock is not the crash, it's that Yoeman lived. As Bangshift explains, the video was only posted with permission from Yoeman, who has since made a full recovery and continues to drag race today.


Sean Melton at Urban Hillbilly Action Videos is like us. If someone gets hurt in a wreck, he doesn't run the footage unless he knows the guy made a full recovery or he gets permission from the party involved to show the video. In this case we're happy to report that Jerry Yeoman, who rode this disaster out made a full recovery from his injuries and races today. He also gave Sean the nod after he asked him for permission.


Here's the caption straight from the video itself, reiterating the claim.

***We do not usually post videos where drivers were injured but Jerry Yeoman is a longtime friend on Urban Hillbilly Videos and gave us his blessing to share his horrific ride.***

Jerry Yeoman's horrible barrel roll crash from Wichita International Raceway while racing Jim Wiens in the Pro Mod final of the Wichita Summer Nationals. Jerry's naturally aspirated Pontiac took a hard left turn at the 1/8 mile stripe sending it over the guard rail where it exploded and rolled 12-14 times before coming to a stop at the 1/4 mile. Jerry suffered some pretty serious injury's but made a full recovery. He is now driving an absolutely beautiful '59 Turbo Corvette Pro Mod.

If you're ever trying to explain the kind of love people have for drag racing, show them this video and tell them that when he recovered, he got back into racing.

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